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siloam calvo garcia

Van Halen Live In Indy 2012: FULL SHOW!! HD!!

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Publicado el 01/03/2012
Thanks to YouTube user MrMNRocker for this fantastic footage of the Van Halen concert in Indianapolis, Indiana on Feb. 22, 2012. I have talked with MrMNRocker and he gave me his blessings on putting his clips together and making a full show. Hope you guys like it. If you watch this video and read this description please, PLEASE, head over to his channel and leave a thank you to him in the channel comments. Also, if you like what you see there make sure to subscribe. And tell him MULLY sent you. (smile)

Visit MrMNRocker's channel by clicking the link below.

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siloam calvo garcia
  • kjn5991
    he doesnt have to since he is happily married and has a HOT daughter.
  • TheGgeenniiee
    Feels like I jumped the gate...and got to see the show without paying for a ticket! Nice and a little naughty too!
  • Dylan A. Kent
    I love Dave but I absolutely know the problem here. Dave once said, "rock and roll is all hair and shoes." OK, he but his hair, the shoes? Nothing to speak of. And the biggest problem is - Dave needs a mic. You can't give him a headset. The mic and him were one. See, not all technology is good. Lead singers lose their phallic prop when they lose the mic. I mean that in the BEST possible way. Dave needs his mic back at very least.
  • PollockTom
    Absolutly pathetic! I'm a huge Van Halen fan, early and later. Dave needs to hang it up. He looks like such an over-the-hill homo up there. Sammy Hagar is far superior to Dave! This performance only ensures me not to ever go see a Van Halen show. I couldn't even get through 5 songs on this Youtube video!
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  • FirebrandNIRE
  • Tubbyvideos
    Van Halen, next stop state fairs and legend of rock shows, with other pathetic non relevant artists. Its over Johnny, its over!
  • pnutbutrncrackers
    I do want to give Dave credit for his kick at 1:41:47. I don't think it's easy for him anymore!
  • pnutbutrncrackers
    See, this is why I never understood all the positive tour reviews when VH reformed a few years back (w/Roth). I'd watch concert footage and think "This is AWFUL". But critic after critic was beyond kind. Now the truth is finally catching up, I think. In their prime, VH was one of the very greatest rock band EVER. But that was then, this is now.
    - Not trying to be mean, but DLR's stage act is unbearable.
    - EVH still shreds great.
    - I like Wolfgang, but vocals (& chemistry) with MA were better.
  • 905Alive
    this is why the tour canceled, once video got out of their shows ticket sales went to zip, maybe they should have practiced more? surprised the vocals are this bad with the technology available but Michael Anthony's vocals added a lot, to me VH with Sammy was a different band, a wicked Montrose but I try not to compare the 2, Sammy always stuck with the Montrose formula because it worked, solo, VH, ChickenFoot is all Montrose.
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  • marshjvm
    This really makes me sad. The band is great but Dave sucks so bad now.
    I'd rather remember them in their glory days (first 4 albums) with Michael Anthony anyways.

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